Why I Love Dreamstepping 6/365

I love having a regular reminder to reflect. It’s easy to slip into a semi-conscious state in your life. Easy to let days, weeks and months slip by in relative sameness. A remindr to reflect, to mine the learning from the day in order to move forward powerfully and possibly differently tomorrow is essential. Some quality reflection questions?

  • What did I love?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What opportunities are right in front of me?
  • What did I miss?
  • What could I do better and how?

Dig up the gems (being gentle with yourself) and then let go of reflection, trusting you’ll retain what you need to. Time to dream into a new day.

What’s your reflection routine?

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Why I Love Dreamstepping 5/365

Enjoying  is 1/6th of the process. Just Enjoying. Not doing, not planning, not even dreaming. Just enjoying. That’s means if you’re awake for 16 hours of the day you can spend a little over 2 and a half hours doing nothing but revelling in pure enjoyment. Everyday. Like, EVERY DAY! Really. Try it. Here’s your ‘get out of guilt free’ card. Tell me THAT doesn’t release a whole honkin’ flock of creative energy.

And when you get practiced at it  you can even try enjoying the rest of the process.

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Dreams and Fears

The biggest insight for me in creating Dreamstepping was that predictably, I could expect to feel a nervous, uncertain energy whenever I thought about leaving one phase of a dream and moving into the next. That nervousness used to stop me, or at least stall me for a good long time. Now I know it as a creative excitement that occurs naturally when you move your dreams closer to manifestation.  At each transition you will feel… something. Call it fear and it will stop you, call it possibility and it will call you forward with greater abandon.


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Why I Love Dreamstepping 4/365

There’s ALWAYS another dream. Believe it. Allow it.

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Why I Love Dreamstepping 3/365

When you get into the ever widening upward spiral of Dreamstepping serendipity kicks in. Events and opportunities you could not dream up in a thousand years find their way to you and you step into delicious flow.


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Why I love Dreamstepping: 2/365

The Transition from Reflection to Dreaming

We do reflection naturally at the ending of things. Case in point; New Years resolutions! How many of you dreamed new dreams at the start of the new year? It can really get the creative juices flowing. It feels great; hopeful.
What if you reflected and then let yourself dream at the end of every day? There’s nothing to ‘do’ here. As you crawl into bed at the end of the day simply ask what did I enjoy? (let yourself smile) Ask what could have gone better? (you can smile at this one too!) Now intentionally make the step from reflection to dreaming.

What could be better than this?

There’s a thought to sleep on!

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A word about planning

A word about planning. There are Two kinds of planning. One is good old fashioned Goal setting. Make ’em S.M.A.R.T. write ’em down. Simply Brilliant when you know HOW to get to your dream. Less than useful when you have NO CLUE about the how. So what does planning look like when you’re lost? Try this. If I already had what I want, who would I get to be? Now be still. Sit. Be still. Listen. Shhhh! Don’t get up, just just listen. When the answer pops, ask: What can I do to be that now? Again, Listen! When the answer pops – go do that.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Guaranteed to get you one step closer!

Yes, that’s planning too. Cool eh?


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Now you can like us… as if you didn’t already

I have to admit to being quite a fan of Facebook in General. And yes, I have let my children use social media since it showed up on the scene (without any detrimental effects that I can see) But I’ve been hesitating to take Dreamstepping that mainstream. Why? Oh, that would be the transition between dream and voice, fraught with imagined peril and all manner of  danger for my ego as usual. But I’m over it now.  You can like us. Here:


Please. and Thanks!

And keep stepping into your dreams! I am.

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Why I love Dreamstepping: 1/365

Dream, Voice, Plan, Act, Enjoy, Reflect… Reason one of 365 soon to be enumerated reasons why I like Dreamstepping: Doing is only 1/6th of the process!

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Another Guest Appearance

My Dear Friend Wendy McDonnell has invited me back to discuss Family Systems: the ever-changing yet stable contexts in which we live. I love talking with Wendy, she’s a breath of calm and peace in a hectic world and she never fails to inspire me to new perspectives and more mindfulness. You can hear our whole interview here:   http://compassionatesolutions.ca/show-29-family-systems-the-ever-changing-yet-stable-contexts-in-which-we-live/


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