Welcome to Dreamstepping.

Dreaming is a universal human activity. We all imagine possible futures that we would like to see come to pass. It is a halmark of our humanity that we seek to create, to improve our current conditions. One of the biggest tragedies I know is to see a person gradually give up on their dreams, forget that they have dreams or come to believe that they are impossible.

Our Purpose is to create a community of single mothers, world wide, who are committed to taking action in order to make their lives, and the lives of their children places where the things we dream about come to pass. We believe, deeply, that the dreams in your heart are never wrong. That our capacity to imagine better for our selves, our children, and our worlds is, no matter what the impulse, of service to the greater good.

There are plenty of places on line and off line that will encourage you to live your dreams, there are very few that speak specifically to single or divorced women with children. We have unique challenges and at least one dream in common; that our children grow up healthy, happy and able to thrive in this world. And preferably not at the cost of our own dreams.

Join us and begin to use the dreamstepping process to move your dreams from the immaterial to the material.

The Dreamstepping process is simple in concept and in theory but takes committment and personal leadership to practice daily. Dreamsteppers need a structure to create a habit that can skyrocket our personal effectiveness and fill the world with many more dreams made real.

We intend to start a world wide conversation about our Dreams. To make such conversations a normal, valued and valid part of our everyday. To make the actions we take toward those dreams accepted, encouraged and celebrated. As normal and as important to our well being and as supported culturally as nutrition, exercise, meaningful work or brushing your teeth. Each and everyday we need to step into our dreams, no matter the risk, no matter the reward because the process of making dreams real is inherently rewarding; life giving. And in the end, that creativity is what life is all about.

Join the Dreamsteppers. Make your dreams come true. Prove it is possible for us all.

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.”
— Henry David Thoreau