Dreamstepping is Born

It is just before midnight on Christmas Eve. This is the first Christmas eve of my life which I have spent alone. Its a first and at 43 firsts are fewer and farther between. I’m pleased that this first, which I must admit I wasn’t particularly looking forward to, has turned out really wonderfully.  I spoke at length with my brother which I haven’t done for ages, regretfully. I played a new CD by Theivery Corporation that I received with love and gratitude from my once and future fiance. (Yes, I realize that’s an odd term, but this is a blog about Dreamstepping and one of the essentials about stepping into dream creation is clarity about where you are and what you want) And I had a stretch of uninterrupted time ahead of me with no pressing agenda where I could focus on creating a site for Dreamstepping which has long been on my mind to do.

For those of you out there who dream of long stretches of agendaless time and who routinely disregard those dreams as impractical at best and selfish or impossible at worst notice this… That when the need for ease and relaxation is sated the impulse to create arises. And the urge to create will serve the greater good. There is no selfishness in desiring time for your thoughts to settle and your dreams to arise. This is an essential step in the cycle that is dreamstepping. I would call it the first step but truly, wherever you find yourself is the first step.

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