So what IS Dreamstepping

Dreamstepping is a process. In short, dreamstepping helps you conceive of an idea and gradually move it from the imaginary into its full expression in the world. We work to do this through what I call the 5 dimensions of creation. Though this is a cycle and we can begin at any point I generally talk about the first step being dreaming itself. After Dreaming we make the ephemeral idea just a little more real by speaking it. After the dream has been given voice the next most real phase is creating a plan, Followed by taking action and finally by Reflecting, enjoying and appreciating what we have acomplished.

Dream. Speak. Plan. Act. Enjoy.   –  Seems simple.

And it is simple, to outline. The challenge though, if you’ll reflect on any passing fancy, dream, wish or hope that you have not yet acomplished, is in the doing. Specifically, I have discovered it is in the transition from any one of the five dimensions to the one following it. At each transition we are plagued by doubts and fears that tend to stop us from progressing to the next dimension.  Sometimes those fears and doubts are so strong and so un-conscious that we get stuck interminably in one of the dimensions.

Take a look at the ways we get stuck below and see if you find yourself here.

  • The Dreamer who easilly gets caught in their own world of hopes and wishes but longs for change in silence and who rarely talks about what they truly want.
  • The Idea Person who cerainly gives voice to their dreams and who genuinely believes it is possible but who doesn’t quite ever get around to making a plan.
  • Analysis Paralysis can catch us making plan after plan after plan but not quite making the transition to taking action.
  • And this culture’s favourite, the workholic, who just keeps on doing and doing and doing without remembering to notice if all that doing is getting them anywhere – let alone closer to where they want to be.
  • Finally there is the pain of coasting. You may even have balance a measure of security and safety but there is the nagging feling that there is something more, something yet undone – Coasters are sometimes forgetting to actively enjoy and appreciate where they are and forget that it is the dreamstepping cycle and the fluid transition between he stages of creation that allows for a truly fulfilling life. After fully inhabiting the pleasure and success of a goal achieved we naturaly want to begin dreaming again.

If you recognize yourself in one of these stuck places then Dreamstepping can help you through the doubts and fears keeping you from a life of accomplishment, success and fulfilment. Visit the events section to discover when the next dreamstepping program begins.

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