Why I love Dreamstepping 7/365

Whenever I get stuck I can pin point it to one of the six transitions and I know exactly how to get out of the rut. Today was one of those non stop doing days, I found myself after the 10th errand feeling like I was spinning my wheels and with a vague sense of having missed something. It wasn’t feeling good. When I realized I was stuck in act mode I took a few minutes to consciously tap into enjoy and looked back on my day with a pride of accomplishment. It didn’t take long to lift my mood and slide from there into reflection. When you reflect from a place of appreciation and enjoyment you think far, far more clearly (seriously, there’s biology behind this!) and I was able to pinpoint the thing I’d missed and took care of it quickly. Why do I love dreamstepping?  A clear path out of just about every rut!

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