Creativity Requires a Vacuum.

I’m just coming off of an amazing summer. I built a home, with help from about 160 (mostly women) volunteers, with Habitat for Humanity. You can see it here and donate to the worthy cause here. It was an incredible experience that I’m sure I’ll be referring to often and it was a really, really, really busy summer and early autumn.

I’m back to my regular coaching, speaking and training routine and I have to say, I LOVE the expansiveness of the time and space available to me. This week it’s about to get even more pronounced as I have been expecting to travel with a friend of mine, who may have to cancel at the last minute. So I’m faced with an entire, unscheduled week.

Have you ever experienced that? Truly? An entire week with nothing planned. No vacation, no people to see? Places to go? Things to do? Is anyone horrified?  I’m not! I’m revelling. Delighted. Joyful. It’s like, THE BEST birthday present EVER! I’m sure I’ll hear some standard condolences as people are sad for my lost opportunity to visit the sunny south, but truly folks, It’s Okay! And here’s why… You can’t really cut yourself loose to dream if you never cut yourself loose. Creativity requires a vacuume. A little hollowness to reverse the constant cramming we’re engaged in. Cram in more work, more errands, more to dos, more maintenance, more exercise, more food, it can feel endless!  A little down time is in order. Time to ask yourself; “Now, right now, what do I want? What interests me? What intrigues me?” Having the time to ask the question is delicious in itself. That really doesn’t take all that long and please, add it to your daily practices. But then to have an expanse of free time to follow the urge? How does it get any better than that? Isn’t it weird that we work like fiends for 50 years hoping to do that for a couple of years in retirement? Why do we DO it that way?  You can’t ever get to true, delicious enjoyment or through that to the reflection necessary for authentic dreaming if you don’t stop doing.

I highly recommend it. Plan for it if empty space doesn’t spontaneously appear in your calendar like it occasionally does in mine, do whatever it takes and make SURE it happens. If you need a structure for it. look for the launch of Dreamstepping as a program oh, probably at the end of this delicious week of non-doing!

Your dreams are worth it.

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